A small, quiet and cosy campsite in the town of Laugarbakki, Húnaþing vestra. Next to the campsite is the Langafit crafts centre, where beautiful handicraft, a small café and a small guesthouse can be found.

Hvammstangi is close by, where you can find most things you require, including a swimming pool, restaurants, handicraft, a bank, post office and a co-operative.

Laugarbakki has the horticulture centre Skrúðvangur, where you can find a variety of delicacies, including delicious strawberries, tomatoes, various herbs, “Vatnsnes” yarn and many other products. There is also the publishing house Túrí, a yoga centre with accomodation, Hótel Laugarbakki, which is one of Iceland’s finest hotels, and many other attractions. The campsite has a bathroom, sundeck, excellent shelter from the wind and electricity.

Pets are welcome.



Address Laugarbakka
Zip/City 531 Hvammstangi
Tel 8928487
Email olina@simnet.is
Website www,facebook.com/Langafit
Opening hours 15. maí –15. september
Distance from Reykjavík: 190 km
Distance from Seyðisfirði: 474km

Service on site