Camping Sites / West Iceland

This camping site has closed for the season.

The camping site at Laugargerðisskóli is open during the summer months. It is located at Laugargerðisskóli School in Snæfellsnes, which is close to the well-known Löngufjörur beach. The facilities are excellent for individuals, families and larger groups of people. This place has been very popular for family reunions. If you are travelling in the west part of the country, for example in the area around Borgarfjörður, Snæfellsnes and Dalir, then campsite at Laugargerðisskóli is perfect as it is located in the center of these places.

There is a soccer field in the area as well as a playground for the youngest travelers. Also, there are many interesting sites to visit in the area, such as hot springs, caves, lakes where you can go fishing, a seal colony, the country´s widest columnar basalt wall and a mineral spring – to mention a few..



Address Laugargerðisskóli
Zip / City 311 Borgarnes
Tel 7751012
Open 17th of June – 15th of August.
Distance from Reykjavík 120 km
Distance from Seyðisfjörður 634 km

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