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Located in the upper part of town on Víðimýri street, Neskaupstaður campsite provides an exceptionally scenic view. It is also located alongside the large avalanche protection dam below Drangagil ravine, so you can enjoy an even greater panorama over the town, mountains and bay by walking up onto the dam. The Neskaupstaður Museum House is a beautifully restored building down by the old harbor, and right in the heart of town. The three interesting museums this building hosts are the Tryggvi Ólafsson Art Collection, Jósafat Hinriksson’s Seafaring and Smithy Collection, and the Neskaupstaður Museum of Natural History.

Three major summer festivals are held each year on the fjord, the first of which is Sailors’ Day, which is a three day festival and starts on or near the first weekend of June. The second festival is the Eistnaflug rock and heavy-metal festival, which takes place every year on the second weekend of July. The last of the festivals is Neistaflug, which is a family outdoor festival that is held together with the Barðsneshlaup run during the long holiday weekend that includes the first Monday of August every year. Neskaupstaður is one of the seven villages in the municipality of Fjarðabyggð.

Notice that the Campingcard is not valid during the annual town festival, Neistaflug from August 3. – August 6.



Address Víðimýri
Zip / City 
740 Neskaupstað
776 0061
1st of June – 15th of September
Distance from Reykjavík: 703 km
Distance from Seyðisfjörður: 94 km

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