Camping and COVID19

26. May, 2020 | News & Interests

COVID19 has impacted a lot of plans, but we have some good news: Icelandic camping sites will be open this summer. Some of the camping sites have delayed their opening day this summer, but all campsites will be open in early June.

Maximum 200 persons

On May 25, a 200-person social gathering limit was put into place. That means that a maximum of 200 people can share toilet facilities and a specific area within the camping site. Children born 2015 or later are not counted towards the 200 person limit. The camp sites will of course follow the set rules to ensure health and safety. It is being investigated whether there is a need to offer a booking feature on our website to abide by the 200 person limit. We recommend checking out fresh set of rules from our health officials.

Lots of camping sites

There are 37 camping sites around Iceland that accept the Camping Card. You can call ahead to check if there is available space. Phone numbers for camping sites can be found on our website.