New Covid19 measures

17. Aug, 2020 | News & Interests

Instructions for quarantine for visitors in Iceland from 19th of August 2020 

As of 19 August 2020 (00.00) all arriving passengers can choose between a 14-day quarantine or a double testing procedure along with a quarantine for 5-6 days.

A person under quarantine should stay in their base of quarantine and have contact with as few people as possible. The base of quarantine must have a permanent fixed address with private hygiene facilities for each individual or family members who quarantine together. 

  • Use of mobile accommodations, such as a tent or camper van or similar is not allowed due to the requirement for private hygiene facilities and travel restrictions inherent in quarantine.
  • Group accommodations are also prohibited during quarantine (hostels, hiking lodges, fishing lodges etc.), that is any accommodations where persons who do not share a home sleep in the same room, use the same hygiene facilities and/or cooking facilities. 
  • Guesthouses and home-based accommodations offered for use by individuals in quarantine must offer private hygiene facilities for each unit in use for quarantine and those in quarantine in such accommodations may not use any shared spaces, such as lounges, kitchens etc.

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