The campsite at Drangsnes is located above the village in the northern part of Steingrímsfjörður fjord. The camp site offers showers, toilets, electricity and a sports field. In the town of Drangsnes, travelers can enjoy the swimming pool, which includes hot tubs, children’s pool, steam bath and a gym. The village has arranged for hot tubs to be placed on the beach free of charge for everyone to enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the sea and the fjord. Showers and washing facilities are also available close by.

The camp site is first and foremost a family campsite and therefore travelers are asked to limit driving around the camp and show respect for other campers. For larger groups that are planning to visit (more than 4–5 persons) please contact the caretaker in order to check availability.

Good hiking paths can be found in the surrounding areas of the village of Drangsnes. The area also includes beautiful sand beaches with great variety of bird and sea life.



Address Drangsnes
Zip / City 520 Drangsnes
Tel  8983239
Open 1st of May – 30th of September
Distance from Reykjavík: 264 km
Distance from Seyðisfjörður: 640 km

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