Camping Sites / South Iceland

The municipality of Ölfus is located on the south west coast of Iceland, approx. 50 km from the capital of Reykjavík. The population is slightly over 2,000 and is growing. The fishing village of Þorlákshöfn is the largest in the municipality with approx. 1,600 inhabitants. Ölfus offers a wide range of beautiful landscapes, including black sand beaches, cliffs, lava formations, caves, geothermal areas and lively hot springs. Numerous hiking paths can be found in the municipality.

The geothermal swimming pool in Þorlákshöfn is said to be one of the best in Iceland, especially for families as it has an indoor water world for children. In Þorlákshöfn you can find the best surfing spot in Iceland and you can watch the surfers from the viewpoint by Hafnarnes lighthouse. The tourist information centre is located in the sport centre and is open 12.30–5.30pm on weekdays. The campsite in Þorlákshöfn is situated next to the church, behind the swimming pool.



Address: Skálholtsbraut (við kirkjuna)
City 815 Þorlákshöfn
Tel: 8399091
Email camping.thorlakshofn@gmail.com
website: www.olfus.is facebook
Season:  May 1st – September 15th.
Distance from Reykjavík: 54 km
Distance from Seyðisfjörður: 631 km

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