Camping Sites / Westfjords

The Camping Grounds in Patreksfjörður are located next to the local Community Centre, easily visible when entering the town. The Community Centre has excellent facilities for campers, including bathrooms, a washing machine, cooking area, Wi-Fi, electricity and facilities to empty the tank as well as dumpsters. You can also rent a hall and kitchen for groups. There is a Tourist Information centre in the area.

Patreksfjörður has a good selections of restaurants and coffee houses, shops and other services. The Sports Centre has a swimming pool with one of the best views in the country. The magnificent nature in the area offers many possibilities both on your own and also in planned excursions, short and long hikes, bus tours, sailing and sea fishing. Close by is the famous beach Rauðisandur where you can find seals, Látrabjarg, the largest bird cliff in Europe and the magnificent waterfall Dynjandi.



Address Aðalstræti 107
Zip / City 450 Patreksfjörður
Tel 4565006
Open 15 of May – 30th of September
Distance from Reykjavík: 391 km
Distance from Seyðisfirði: 783 km

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