Opening dates of camping sites this year

7. Mar, 2022 | News & Interests

Spring is almost upon Iceland and we get daily questions about opening dates of our camping sites this season. You can always see the opening date for a specific camping site on their page, but you can’t see them all in one place with a good overview. That’s why we built this post: here you can see all the opening dates in one place. Some opening dates are still being worked on and are subject to change (an earlier opening is more likely).

Opening dates

Camping sitesOpensCloses
ÁlfaskeiðJune 1September 1
BakkafjörðurMay 1August 31
BíldudalurJune 1August 31
BolungavíkJune 1September 30
DalvíkMay 15September 15
DrangsnesMay 1September 30
EskifjörðurJune 1September 1
FáskrúðsfjörðurJune 1September 1
FlókalundurJune 20Septemper 10
Grettislaug, ReykhólumMay 1September 30
GrindavíkMarch 1December 1
GrundarfjörðurJune 1September 15
HellaMay 10September 15
KleifarmörkJune 1August 31
KópaskerJune 1September 1
LangafitMay 15September 15
LaugagerðisskóliJuneAugust 15
LaugavöllurMay 15September 15
MyllulækurMay 15September 15
Möðrudalur / FjalladýrðMay 20Septemper 10
NorðfjörðurJune 1September 15
ÓlafsfjörðurMay 15October 15
PatreksfjörðurMay 1September 30
RaufarhöfnJune 1September 15
ReyðarfjörðurMay 6September 15
SandgerðiMay 4September 30
SiglufjörðurMay 15October 15
SkagaströndMay 1September 15
SkjólMay 1September 15
StokkseyriMay 15September 15
StöðvarfjörðurJune 1September 1
ÞorlákshöfnMay 15September 15
ÞórshöfnJune 1August 31
VarmalandJune 1September 15
By FaxiMay 20September 30