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Web Analytics

The Camping Card uses Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel from the Facebook Analytics service for analytics and metrics with regards to quality and access to their websites. The Camping Card uses the information to inspect how much the website of the company is used and what content users are interested in. In that way the website customises the user’s browser experience. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel do not receive personal information from the Camping Card. The Camping Card does not share personal information or data from the web to a third party.

The Camping Card’s usage of cookies

  • By agreeing to the terms of the Camping card regarding the usage of cookies the Camping Camping card is authorised to:
  • Identify users who have visited the website before and customise the search and service to the visitors in accordance to the identification,
  • To make the user’s navigation around the web pages easier, for example by remembering former actions,
  • To reveal commercials to users,
  • To develop and improve the service of the website by gaining an insight into its usage.


The web pages of the Camping Card can include links to other websites and the Camping Card is not responsible for their content nor the security of the users when they leave the Camping Card’s website.

The Camping Card’s usage of personal information

All personal information that might be received by the usage of cookies will be worked with in accordance to the law number 77/2000 regarding the protection of personal data. The Camping Card declares that it will not use that information in any other purpose than otherwise stated here above and the information will not be stored longer than required to process. Personal information will not be shared with a third party, unless laws state otherwise.

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